We started with a great idea and tons of enthusiasm.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Best Coffee POS, by Red River POS Systems, provides POS systems, service, and support for coffee shops, restaurants, pizzarias, and frozen yogurt shops.

You deserve more than a cookie cutter solution.  – There’s no business quite like yours and we recognize that.  We see things differently.  We don’t propose off-the shelf solutions (such as Aldelo, PC America, QuickBooks, etc…) and the lowest cost hardware for you to maximize our revenue. For example if you go to another POS vendor website, you will see they will either sell you Aldelo, or PC America, etc. because these systems are off the shelf generic solutions with no customization. They don’t have many features for a coffee shop.

Other POS companies may offer you an Ipad solution with a high monthly subscription fee, so you will end up paying more in the long run. There are no monthly fees with our system and you have the reliability of a full POS system.  Ipad systems are only as relilable as your internet connection.  If your internet goes down, so does your business.

We have had customers come to us because they’ve made a mistake by letting their contractor or vendor convice them that they should purchase  a cheaper “bundle package”.  As a new business owner, their offer, of course will seem very attractive – you want to save money where you can.   They offer this to our customers in order to maximize their sale and revenue.  What does a contractor or vendor know about technology?

Your business deserves more than a cookie cutter solution.  First, we listen to your needs. Then apply our signature brand of fresh thinking and high tech innovation to provide you the best solution for your coffee shop business. Contact us today for a free consultation and to schedule an on-line demo.


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